Monday, February 05, 2007

Self reflect

Miss Pauline Lai... She's a Drug Information Services (DIS) pharmacist from UMMC. She has been giving us lecture and workshop for Clinical Pharmacy 1 this semester. First impression, she's just like an ordinary pharmacist. Once she began her lecture, there is indeed a big difference between her and any normal pharmacist I've ever met. She looks for perfection.

Although she on keeps finding our mistake (even slight mistake), but I've learn one lesson; it is easier for other people to notice our mistake than by ourself. That makes me think of words from PPP early this semester on self-reflect.

I've a friend who train his football skill in front of mirror. He trained various juggling skill and to do feint. He's now a good footballer (midfielder). I was once told to practice our facial expression in front of mirror. I know L2G will be thinking that all this is very unnatural. That's the best to self-reflect on oneself.

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