Thursday, February 22, 2007

New tie

I bought 2 new ties weeks ago while shopping with ky at times square. I bought them from 'MY TIE SHOP', which is located on the first floor of times square. This is my first time buying tie from MY TIE shop. The quality is not bad. One is silver in colour, and the other one is blue with black and white stripes.

Total damage to my wallet = RM30

They also sell better quality tie for RM50/2 pieces. The problem now is to match both new ties with my current formal wear. I've abandoned a few ties in my cupboard. I can't match those tie to my current formal wear. A lot of my friends also wear tie from MY TIE shop. Someone please advise me on buying tie. Thanks..


skfc2o said...

nice tie.. actually it is very hard to find MY TIE shop nowadays..

nuno said...

MY TIE shop at midvalley has been shifted to walkway (2nd floor). Quite hard to find that small stall..