Sunday, February 18, 2007

Grandma + Chinese New Year

Today I want to share a short story of my grandma.

She's the one who take care of me since I'm young. She taught me the right principles in my life so that I can be a better person, although her lesson are usually indirect. At 78 now, she's still strong and do some house work. But, she's just as stubborn as other elderly. She's always right in her own way.

Being one of her favourite grandson, I've always got the best from her. I noticed that she want someone to talk to. She's lonely and doesnt like to socialize with stranger (i mean group of people around her age). Astro is her best companion. Now that I'm studying in KL, I can't accompany her often. Sometimes, my dad will fetch her out.

This year Chinese New Year is not as merry as those I've experienced in previous years. My 'lau xing' (very close to my grandma) passed away peacefully on last Friday due to lung cancer. So, this year CNY is simple.

My grandma still loves to cook traditional dishes, but nowadays she get tired easily. My uncle has been telling my grandma to rest more and let my aunt to do all the cooking. I know my grandma wants to cook the food and pray for grandpa.

This year, my CNY wish is that my grandma can live happily and all my family member will be together united.

Happy Chinese New Year 2007!! 新年快乐

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