Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lou Yee Sang

This year CNY, i went to Fortuna restaurant (located at Jalan Telok Sisek, Kuantan) with my family to have reunion dinner. We ordered a medium size yee sang. Yee sang (direct transation: raw fish) consists of shredded vegetables, pomelo, crispy stuff, spice powder, oil, plum sauce, and a choice of fresh fishy topping (mine is salmon).

Chinese believe that tossing yee sang will bring prosperity and good luck for the whole year. Everyone will gather around the table and lou yee sang with their chopsticks. Chinese also believe that the higher you toss the yee sang, the more prosperity you will have in the coming year.

I don't know whether all this belief is true or not. Some people even said that lou sang is a commercial ploy to make money. Let's put it this way, lou yee sang is a way to teach children to use chopstick. HeHe..

Let's toss yee sang, after all, there is no harm tossing yee sang rite? Once a year, happy chinese new year!!

New tie

I bought 2 new ties weeks ago while shopping with ky at times square. I bought them from 'MY TIE SHOP', which is located on the first floor of times square. This is my first time buying tie from MY TIE shop. The quality is not bad. One is silver in colour, and the other one is blue with black and white stripes.

Total damage to my wallet = RM30

They also sell better quality tie for RM50/2 pieces. The problem now is to match both new ties with my current formal wear. I've abandoned a few ties in my cupboard. I can't match those tie to my current formal wear. A lot of my friends also wear tie from MY TIE shop. Someone please advise me on buying tie. Thanks..

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Grandma + Chinese New Year

Today I want to share a short story of my grandma.

She's the one who take care of me since I'm young. She taught me the right principles in my life so that I can be a better person, although her lesson are usually indirect. At 78 now, she's still strong and do some house work. But, she's just as stubborn as other elderly. She's always right in her own way.

Being one of her favourite grandson, I've always got the best from her. I noticed that she want someone to talk to. She's lonely and doesnt like to socialize with stranger (i mean group of people around her age). Astro is her best companion. Now that I'm studying in KL, I can't accompany her often. Sometimes, my dad will fetch her out.

This year Chinese New Year is not as merry as those I've experienced in previous years. My 'lau xing' (very close to my grandma) passed away peacefully on last Friday due to lung cancer. So, this year CNY is simple.

My grandma still loves to cook traditional dishes, but nowadays she get tired easily. My uncle has been telling my grandma to rest more and let my aunt to do all the cooking. I know my grandma wants to cook the food and pray for grandpa.

This year, my CNY wish is that my grandma can live happily and all my family member will be together united.

Happy Chinese New Year 2007!! 新年快乐

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye. Conjunctivitis is commonly known as 'pinkeye'. (why pink?? my eye is red!!) There are 3 main types; allergic, bacterial, and viral. Sign and symptoms are redness of the eye, increase tears, purulent discharge, itchiness, and blurring vision.

I declare myself to be down with conjunctivitis, more specific is bacterial conjunctivitis. I've this condition since February 9, it has been almost 5 days and i still have red eye. During this period, i've seen pharmacist and doctor. Below is the summary of treatment i received so far:

Feb 9-11: Apply gentamicin that were given by pharmacist 1 drop every hour.
Feb 12-13: Apply neomycin that were given by doctor 3 drops tid (3 times a day). Doctor asked me to see her back if there is no improvement
Feb 14-till now: Went back to see doctor and given chloramphenicol. Apply 2 drops tid (3 times a day).

Total damage to my wallet = RM 69

To all my friends that avoid eye contact with me, i just want to let you all know that conjunctivitis is not air-borne disease. If i touch my eye with my hand and my hand touches another person hand, then the other person will get conjunctivitis if he/she touches own eye.

By the way, a few of my coursemate also had conjunctivitis; wai kit, julian, li guo, chin yee, and qi yun.

Hopefully i can get well soon.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine Day

First of all, i want to wish all couples a happy and everlasting valentine. For those who are single, don't be sad ok? I believe someday you will find the love of your life. Love can also be expressed to your family member during this special day.

This year valentine, my dear gf (ky) and i went to Capri Dessert, Sri Petaling. We chose this simple restaurant and the service is really first-class. I ordered sweet&sour fish cheese baked rice and honey dew sago. Ky ordered fish chop and yam milk shake. I would rate the food there as 9/10.

After that, we went to Tasik Titiwangsa, where the Ferris Wheel (Eye on Malaysia) is located. We missed the firework show. However, we met ed&cl who were also celebrating valentine there. 4 of us ride in a same gondola and taking a lot of pictures with ky's new sony cybershot t10. Below are some of the pictures:

Then, i brought ky for night-ride around Bukit Bintang and KLCC area. Driving after midnight in KL city is very fun. No traffic jamn. Thanks ky for being with me all this while. I promise you i will bring you to see fireworks show at Titiwangsa okie?

행복한 발렌타인

Monday, February 05, 2007

Self reflect

Miss Pauline Lai... She's a Drug Information Services (DIS) pharmacist from UMMC. She has been giving us lecture and workshop for Clinical Pharmacy 1 this semester. First impression, she's just like an ordinary pharmacist. Once she began her lecture, there is indeed a big difference between her and any normal pharmacist I've ever met. She looks for perfection.

Although she on keeps finding our mistake (even slight mistake), but I've learn one lesson; it is easier for other people to notice our mistake than by ourself. That makes me think of words from PPP early this semester on self-reflect.

I've a friend who train his football skill in front of mirror. He trained various juggling skill and to do feint. He's now a good footballer (midfielder). I was once told to practice our facial expression in front of mirror. I know L2G will be thinking that all this is very unnatural. That's the best to self-reflect on oneself.

Friday, February 02, 2007

B and O negative

Few days ago, one of my friend announced in the class that a patient in Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) need blood type of B negative and O negative. The patient's blood type is B negative. The patient is down with dengue and the hospital is running low on B and O negative blood.

Anyone having B or O negative blood, please do contact me. I'll lead you to my friend. Hope there is good samaritan out there who is willing to help. Let's just wish the person a good prognosis and fast recovery.

Group O Rho+ (D positive) RBC is without any ABO structures but displays the Rho antigen. My blood type is O positive. Therefore, i can't donate blood to the patient with B negative blood. Then, only person with O positive can donate blood to me. Do you think this classification of blood is fair? Why is it so? Why do us homo sapiens need to have different types of blood (A, B, AB, and O)?