Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Visit to Medical Museum

I just came back from IMU. I spend about 1 hour plus in IMU medical museum for 'cancer chemotherapy' subject. Today, i'm suppose to learn more on diagnosis of cancer. This is the 3rd time i enter the medical museum.

The session in the museum is quite fun. I get to observe pictures of various cancers as well as preserved cancerous organ. There is one picture of carcinoma of testis, where the testis measure 5 cm in length. I know you guys must be taking ruler out now and measure your own. HaHa..

Before leaving the museum, LG help me to take a few pictures.
I still have a lot unfinished task; portfolio, CTT, and toxicology projects. At least i manage to find info for wnt genes. Going to play football with IMU pharmacy football friends at Bukit Jalil family park soon.

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