Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Genting Trip

On 20 November 2006, I went to Genting with lg, ph, wk, yw, and zy. It was not well planned, but we had a lot of fun there. We had burger king at the skyway terminal at gohtong before enduring 20 mins cable car trip to the top station. It was a bad experience for lg as he has acrophobia (fear of height).

This is the first time i go with my IMU gang for a trip. This is also the first time i enter casino. However, the police at the entrance of the casino asked for my identity card. Hey, i'm 22 now!! Ph failed to enter the casino as he is still underage. Therefore, we went in for about 10 mins.

We had our supper at Kenny Roger Roaster at First World Plaza, before going for outdoor walk. Below are some pictures taken, i get from wk's website.
The next day, we had buffet breakfast at First World Cafe. The food is so-so. Then, we went back to our room where the fun begin. First, there was smell of shit from the toilet. HaHa.. Then, wk cover himself with the white blanket and tried to scare off people in the opposite room. After all the fun, we check-out, ph went for outdoor theme park. The rest of us went into the new casino.

Then, me, wk, and yw tried the Flying Coaster ride with a price tag of RM12. This is also my first time riding flying coaster. I would rate this ride 8/10.
Then, we had our KFC for our lunch while waiting for ph before heading back to KL.

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