Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gathering at seri kembangan

Venue : Restoran Leong Ya (non air-conditioned)
Date : 14 January 2007
Time : 8 pm

Today i have dinner with Quek, ed, pw, ky, and irene. The 'chi pao kai' (Paper Wrap Chicken) is not as good as the Restoran Leong Ya (air-conditioned) one. This restaurant is also famous for its yong tau foo. According to pw, the 'loh mee' is also one of his favourite food there. I've not tried it, but will try it soon. We chat for about 1.5 hour before deciding to head to Halo Cafe at South City Plaza.

At Halo Cafe, i ordered 'Glazed Rain'. The price-tag of rm13 (inclusive of tax) per drink is very expensive, but the environment there is nice. We continue our chit-chat session till 11pm and decided to call it a day.

It has been almost 1 semester since i last met pw and irene. Pw is still looking malnourished. Come over to Bukit Jalil, we go test makan and play futsal. Irene.. her mandarin improved tremendously and much better than I am. Embarassing huh..

Wish all of them good luck in their studies/work. Keep in touch yea!!

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