Thursday, January 24, 2008


I miss playing football and futsal..

I've been playing football since 10 years old. Nowadays, I really get to play futsal. My IMU Pharmacy footie gang is having their semester break now.

Anyway, I got the cartoon image of myself, drawn and edited by Yeu Lou. Thank you Yeu Lou. He promised to draw one for me after winning the IMU Cup Football few months ago. Nice rite..Click here to read more on the IMU Cup Football Champion 2007.


SilverIsle said...

OMG. Your cartoon image is really really cool. Woah. My friend promised to draw me one long ago too but till now still nothing yet. =S

hp84 said...

to [silverisle]
HeHe.. Maybe you should remind your friend to draw one for you.

curryegg said...

Wah.... the drawing is really beautiful! COOOOoooll!
You play football and futsal? Must be a nice game.. ;)

teddY said...

Woah it's really nice of your friend to draw such a nice cartoon figure of yourself! I bet he draws comics when he has free time or something? Because I've got a few art friends who draws really awesome doodles when they're bored in class, LOL :)

hp84 said...

to [curryegg]
Yea, i play football and futsal. There are lots of girls playing futsal nowadays.

to [teddy]
My friend draw lots of nice picture for many occasion. He's indeed a very creative person.