Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Artline 660

The Artline660 Fluorescent series is one of my favourite highlighter. The size is small and most important is the price tag of RM 2.20. I've been using this highlighter since semester 3. My favourite colour is blue and red. Both this colour help me to distinguish main points in lecture notes from those 'junk' words.
Artline 660 is also available in orange, pink, green, and yellow. I've not seen orange colour before and pink colour is also quite rare.
This Artline 660 can last me for about 1 semester. Their half-life is so short. The same is applicable to human. Life is so short. Appreciate every single moment of your life. Try to be happy and think positively always. Wake up everyday with a smile. Smile to everyone that you meet along your life.

I wonder if my life can be as colourful as the Artline660 colour. I don't expect more colour in my life. I just hope I can live a happy life. I've some problem recently, but I do not wish to elaborate more. Let's just hope that every reader of my blog will live a happy and colourful life.


k2k said...

i have grenn, orange, and yellow colour!!!

by the way, hope your probs will get solved soon...

hp84 said...

I just bought orange the other day at plaza OUG. So, i have orange, red, and blue.

Thanks.. i also hope will solve soon

vic said...

sometime what other people comment on u or it, not necessary we have to achieve, get and change it.we only accept some of it that is rational n able for us to do it. Don't always put on pressure of other people's own on ourself. Different people have different characterics, lives and also their uniqueness. As long as we happy, then is enough. Remember never expect everything is smooth and happy everyday. Only we can TRY to be happy.Tat's is life. If we duno sad, how we know happy? Try our best. cheers=)