Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Li Guo's birthday

Today i went to Midvalley to celebrate LG's birthday (though his birthday fall on the next day - January 25). We had our dinner at Kim Gary and i ordered a Japanese food set. I cant remember the name. It contains unagi, sausage, sliced ham, and kim chi. The chilli sauce is mixed with sesame seed. Weird combination huh?? The rice is very crispy. The whole set cost me RM18. During dinner, there is photography session with LG's new sony ericsson K618i. Zy is the most fussy person i've met. Out of about 20 photos, only 1 can satisfy his requirement. HeHe..Next, with our heavy stomach, we walk around midvalley to look for LG's present. At first, we planned to buy Zara's underwear for him, but he refused. Hey, zara's underwear is not cheap ok!! Next come 50% sale at Padini. We walked in without realizing that the padini only sell ladies item. We walked out immediately after realizing that those formal shirt that we're interested are actually ladies formal wear. HaHa..

After long hunt at a few shop, we ended up in Nike. We bought him Nike's water bottle 1L.Lastly, i just wan to wish LG a happy 23rd birthday!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Artline 660

The Artline660 Fluorescent series is one of my favourite highlighter. The size is small and most important is the price tag of RM 2.20. I've been using this highlighter since semester 3. My favourite colour is blue and red. Both this colour help me to distinguish main points in lecture notes from those 'junk' words.
Artline 660 is also available in orange, pink, green, and yellow. I've not seen orange colour before and pink colour is also quite rare.
This Artline 660 can last me for about 1 semester. Their half-life is so short. The same is applicable to human. Life is so short. Appreciate every single moment of your life. Try to be happy and think positively always. Wake up everyday with a smile. Smile to everyone that you meet along your life.

I wonder if my life can be as colourful as the Artline660 colour. I don't expect more colour in my life. I just hope I can live a happy life. I've some problem recently, but I do not wish to elaborate more. Let's just hope that every reader of my blog will live a happy and colourful life.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Visit to Medical Museum

I just came back from IMU. I spend about 1 hour plus in IMU medical museum for 'cancer chemotherapy' subject. Today, i'm suppose to learn more on diagnosis of cancer. This is the 3rd time i enter the medical museum.

The session in the museum is quite fun. I get to observe pictures of various cancers as well as preserved cancerous organ. There is one picture of carcinoma of testis, where the testis measure 5 cm in length. I know you guys must be taking ruler out now and measure your own. HaHa..

Before leaving the museum, LG help me to take a few pictures.
I still have a lot unfinished task; portfolio, CTT, and toxicology projects. At least i manage to find info for wnt genes. Going to play football with IMU pharmacy football friends at Bukit Jalil family park soon.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gathering at seri kembangan

Venue : Restoran Leong Ya (non air-conditioned)
Date : 14 January 2007
Time : 8 pm

Today i have dinner with Quek, ed, pw, ky, and irene. The 'chi pao kai' (Paper Wrap Chicken) is not as good as the Restoran Leong Ya (air-conditioned) one. This restaurant is also famous for its yong tau foo. According to pw, the 'loh mee' is also one of his favourite food there. I've not tried it, but will try it soon. We chat for about 1.5 hour before deciding to head to Halo Cafe at South City Plaza.

At Halo Cafe, i ordered 'Glazed Rain'. The price-tag of rm13 (inclusive of tax) per drink is very expensive, but the environment there is nice. We continue our chit-chat session till 11pm and decided to call it a day.

It has been almost 1 semester since i last met pw and irene. Pw is still looking malnourished. Come over to Bukit Jalil, we go test makan and play futsal. Irene.. her mandarin improved tremendously and much better than I am. Embarassing huh..

Wish all of them good luck in their studies/work. Keep in touch yea!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

My birthday present

From my previous post on ‘today’s my birthday’, I promised to post picture of presents given by my friends. Again, i would like to thank ky and also all my friends for giving me birthday presents (that i've been waiting.. HeHe).
The keychain in the picture below is not for my birthday. Ky bought it for me during her visit to Hong Kong disneyland. I thought of putting it here because this keychain is very nice. By the way, i've been receiving a lot of keychains for my birthday.
Lastly, ch and py also bought me a t-shirt, but i left it at home (Kuantan). Therefore, i couldnt take a picture of it. Thanks a lot guys!!