Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Today's my birthday

Dec 19 2006, I'm 22 years old..

As i type here, i'm reading sms from friends. Do you know that most of the friend that sms me this year are Digi (016) friends? That means i have to reply them at 20 cents per sms. Last year, most of the sms is from Maxis (012) friends. My finger is aching now, and i'm thinking of 'carpal turner syndrome' as i reply each sms.

I would like to thank everyone that wish me happy 22th birthday. Let me create a list here to wish thank you; Penny, Ven Chin, ky, Shuw Min, Wai Kit, Chin Lin, Edward, Pui Yee, Cheng Hong, Li Guo, Ket Li, Zhang Jian, Sivanesan, Zhi Yang, Ee Lin, Soon Lai, Choo Uei, Josephine, Kenny, Mooi Fong, Yen Wei, Yan, Wee Pin, Eng Chuan.. the list is finalized.. next is the picture of presents..

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