Saturday, December 16, 2006

My stamp collection

Today afternoon, as I was cleaning up my cupboard, I found my old stamp books hidden below remote control car. Few days ago, my Singapore aunt gave me more stamp from Maldives. Therefore, i decided to continue arrange the unsorted stamp that has been left for 1 semester. The blue book is for stamp from Malaysia; pink for Hong Kong & China; red for Singapore; black for Australia & New Zealand. The green album is the latest addition which is still in a mess.Collecting stamp require patience and determination. One can choose to buy from local bookstore. I personally think that collecting stamps as we grow up will be more meaningful. Below are some pictures from the collection. The picture quality is not that good. I have another special edition album from China which i forgot to take picture of it.
Anyone interested to exchange stamp with me, please do leave me a message.

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