Monday, December 04, 2006

Kuantan - Hong Kong

I'm back in Kuantan for my semester break. Meanwhile, ky went to Hong Kong with her family on last friday. FOr me to send sms to ky (012 to 012), it costs me only 5 cents. Unfortunately, it costs RM 2 to send a single sms from Hong Kong to Malaysia. I still remember the previous time i went to Singapore, Maxis charged me RM 1 to send sms back to Malaysia.

I have been thinking ways of figuring the distance between HK and Malaysia. First, i use wikimapia to visualize the distance.
The next step is to search for the distance. I came across this site, which offer free services to determine the distance between 2 cities. I'm separated from ky for about 2365 kilometers!!

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