Saturday, November 25, 2006

YSP Industries attachment

On 2-14 of October 2006, I attended 2 weeks training together with Lee Fen, Shal Ling, Yee Yin, and Yuen Nee at YSP Industries, which is located in Bandar Baru Bangi. YSP stands for Yung Shin Pharmaceutical. This visit really gave us a deep insight of the daily running of a pharmaceutical factory. There were a lot of private & confidential (P&C) stuff. Basically, we have to 'work' from 830-5.

On the first day, we were asked to report in at 930 AM to Mr. Ananda (Production Manager). He planned our visit very well and taught us a lot of pharmaceutical knowledge.

Pic (left to right) : LF, YN, Mr Ananda, SL, YY, me

For the first week, we moved around the production area, including warehouse, logistic, and veterinary. The whole production area is P&C zone. Therefore, no picture-taking is allowed.

Moving on to second week, we were placed in Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurance (QA), and Research & Development (R&D). This second week is really boring. We were under the guidance of Mr. Yap (QC manager). Below is the picture taken together with Mr. Yap.Pic (left to right) : LF, me, Mr. Yap, YN, YY, SL

We got to make new friends throughout this 2 weeks visit. I met my one my senior back during form 6. He's just joined YSP about 2 months ago.

Pic : My senior standing second from left.

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