Sunday, October 01, 2006

Trip to Bukit Tinggi with ky

I just finish 14 weeks of semester 5. Today, I went to Bukit Tinggi Resort with ky. This place is really nice and relaxing. The air is cool and fresh, unlike the freezing temperature of IMU Bukit Jalil campus.

The first place that i went is Colmar Tropical, which is a French-themed resort. It is a small little town, but with lots of nice spot to take picture.

The next destination is the Japanese Village, where the botanical garden is located. Also found in Japanese Village are Japanese Tea House and Garden, Ryo Zan Tei Japanese restaurant, and tatami spa.

The next place that we went is the Rabbit Farm. It is like a mini petting rabbit farm. There are guide on the correct way to lift and carry the cute rabbit. The entry fee is RM3. For visitor from Colmar Tropicale, it is free of charge (FOC).


hp84 said...

This is my first post..
Bukit Tinggi is a good place for relaxation..
bring your camera and enjoy the scenery there..

zh1yong said...

huh? bukit tinggi got such a japanese village? btw, how come the temperature in IMU Bukit Jalil campus can be freezing??

hp84 said...

IMU rooftop has been completed, and i think they install new air cond unit..
So, it is freezing cold..
thanks for visiting my blog..